Project: AI-Powered/Midjourney Design Campaign


In this project, I imagined and created an original AI-powered/Midjourney design campaign for Coca-Cola in the form of a captivating comic strip. My goal was to showcase the timeless taste of Coca-Cola by featuring an AI-generated hybrid robot character in a post-apocalyptic world, highlighting the enduring nature of the beverage. Through this campaign, I aimed to create an intriguing ad that captures the attention and imagination of the target audience.

Technology and Methodology:

Using Midjourney, I dedicated extensive effort to optimizing the prompts, ensuring consistency in the appearance of the main character throughout the comic strip. With approximately 50 iterations, I refined the process to achieve stable results for the main character’s portrayal. Leveraging a common seed across the pictures, I aimed to maintain visual continuity. By skillfully utilizing the zoom-out feature, I enhanced the integration of the comic strip, creating a visually engaging and cohesive narrative.

Outcomes and Benefits:

The result is a comic strip consisting of 10 pictures. Seamlessly integrated into the campaign titled “2148 –A Taste Crafted for Eternitye,” this visual storytelling effectively showcases the timeless taste of Coca-Cola within a futuristic and post-apocalyptic world. This ad / comic strip could captures the attention of the target audience, engaging their imagination and resonating with their emotions.

Future Developments:

Looking ahead, I have plans to further elevate the impact of the campaign. I envision exploring additional mediums such as animated videos or interactive web experiences. By expanding into these formats, I can provide more immersive and interactive ways for the audience to engage with this comic strip. Additionally, I will continue to refine the depiction of the Coca-Cola bottle in the pictures, ensuring consistency and reinforcing brand recognition throughout the campaign.

Note: The details and description of the Coca-Cola project provided here are fictional and for demonstration purposes only

Foucauld Guerin