Project: AI-Personalized CV Analysis and Interview Question Generation


The primary objective of this project is to analyze the candidate’s CV and job description simultaneously. This dual analysis enables the generation of personalized interview questions tailored to the candidate’s experiences that align with the job position’s requirements.

Technology and Methodology:

This project leverages sophisticated technologies to extract content from PDFs and convert it into plain text. This text conversion simplifies the task for ChatGPT, allowing it to analyze the content more effectively. Additionally, I’ve established a database to guide ChatGPT in scanning the job description prior to crafting relevant and personalized questions for the candidate.

Outcomes and Benefits:

The central idea of this project is to pre-qualify the best profiles in a customized manner. By doing so, it minimizes the chance for the candidate to generate bot-like responses, as the system prompts them with questions about their specific experiences. This approach ensures a more authentic interaction and increases the value of the information gathered during the recruitment process.

Future Developments:

Moving forward, I’m focusing on developing a system to score candidates and provide insightful tips for recruiters. These tips will highlight crucial questions to ask during the job interview, further aiding the decision-making process and ensuring that the best candidate is chosen for the role.

Foucauld Guerin