Project: AI-Driven SMS Customer Satisfaction Initiative


The main goal of this project is to implement an AI-driven system for immediate customer feedback through SMS. By offering direct, personalized responses to each client’s feedback, the system aims to enhance their experience, increase service efficiency and ensure customers feel heard and valued.

Technology and Methodology:

I’m utilizing the GPT to understand and respond to customer feedback. This model has the ability to understand both explicit and subtle aspects of customer messages, making it capable of creating effective responses to a wide variety of feedback. Additionally, I use digital marketing techniques to personalize messages according to each customer’s specific journey details.

Outcomes and Benefits:

The SMS Customer Satisfaction AI Initiative has taken customer interaction to a new level by providing immediate and personalized SMS responses. This quick and intuitive mode of communication instills a sense of importance among the customers, enhancing their overall experience.

Future Developments:

The next stage of the project includes the integration of an automatic filter to determine when certain cases should be transferred to human support. This ensures the high quality of service when the automated system might not be capable of providing an optimal response. Alongside this, I am developing a tool for statistical analysis of the free text feedback, which will offer valuable insights into the customers’ experiences and further opportunities for service improvement.

Foucauld Guerin