Project: AI-Generated Podcast for Kids


The aim of this project was to create an extensive collection of approximately 50 audio stories for children, generated using AI technology. These stories were designed to captivate young audiences with engaging narratives accompanied by visuals and audio.

Technology and Methodology:

To generate the story scripts, I fine-tuned a prompt to ensure consistent story structures. I have used Midjourney to create the pictures of the website. AI was utilized to optimize the audio quality of the podcast, enhancing the overall listening experience.

Outcomes and Benefits:

This project resulted in the creation of a diverse and imaginative podcast series tailored specifically for children. The integration of AI technology allowed for the generation of unique stories, fostering creativity and entertainment for young listeners.

Future Developments:

The next phase of this project involves implementing text-to-speech technology, utilizing my voice. This advancement will streamline the process of creating the story text, generating accompanying visuals, and recording them with an AI-generated voice.

Foucauld Guerin