Project: AI Email Client Support


The primary aim of this project was to develop an AI-powered email client support system for IKEA’s return department. The goal was to provide fast, accurate, and personalized responses to customer inquiries, improving overall customer satisfaction and service efficiency.

Technology and Methodology:

I built a comprehensive database containing IKEA’s return policy information, serving as the foundation for generating precise customer responses. The OpenAI API was employed to create a system capable of tailoring responses according to the customer’s satisfaction level.

Outcomes and Benefits:

This project significantly could improve the speed and accuracy of customer support responses in IKEA’s return department, enabling a more personalized customer experience and enhancing overall service quality.

Future Developments:

The next phase of this project includes the development of an automated email reply system to further streamline responses. Additionally, I aim to implement a filtering mechanism that determines when a human agent should intervene, ensuring an optimal balance between automation and human touch.

Foucauld Guerin