Project: Real-Time Price Meal Plan Generator


The goal of this project was to create a sophisticated AI-powered weekly meal planner. This planner was designed to help families optimize their budgets by using real-time price data from Willys Supermarket to generate a cost-effective shopping list.

Technology and Methodology:

I used an AI bot for real-time data collection from the supermarket’s website. This bot effectively gathered current pricing information, forming a prices database of Willys . This database was then linked with a form and processed using an AI model powered by the OpenAI API, allowing the generation of affordable weekly meal plans.

Outcomes and Benefits:

This project offers significant value by providing budget optimization for families. By generating meal plans based on real-time market prices, it enables better financial planning and offers a realistic, cost-effective meal plan for users.

Future Developments:

I am planning to integrate a feature to send the generated shopping lists via SMS. This step will further enhance user convenience, allowing easy access to the shopping list at any time and any place.

Foucauld Guerin